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Space Images of Jupiter In 1879 vs Jupiter in 2021 Will Shock You

Space images of Jupiter in 1879 vs Jupiter in 2021 may change the way think about technology. Most of the time we marvel at what we can accomplish with the modern technology, and scoff at the non-modern counterparts. However, there are some rare instances where you have to marvel at what was accomplished with very limited technical abilities.

Enter the picture of Jupiter in 1879. Although the detail is much worse than “photos” we see today, it was still largely accurate even showing the infamous “Red spot” albeit in black and white contrast.

Jupiter In 1879 vs Jupiter in 2021

What they were able to accomplish by taking a accurate photo of Jupiter in 1879 seems more amazing than taking a photo with today’s technology. It would be more interesting to see the equipment used back then to see millions upon millions of light years away.

Some Fun Facts about Jupiter

  • Jupiter is a mostly gas planet made up of Hydrogen and Helium, with a very deep thick atmosphere.
  • The colors you see in the modern photos of this planet are actually its red, brown, white, and yellow clouds.
  • This giant planet has more in common with the Sun, and is 11 times bigger than the Planet Earth.
  • One year on Jupiter last roughly 12 Earth Years. A lot of old people would be still young going by that time frame.

Author: JordanThrilla

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