Toilet Bowl Punch Hack Goes Viral: The Science Behind Toilet Bowl Ice Cream Punch Might Be Nastier Than It Sounds

The toilet is one of the most useful inventions in human history. Usually when you think of its many uses, you don’t think it could made into a ice cream punch maker. That all changed in a video of a woman using a toilet to make punch ice cream drinks for her guests.

What is the Science Behind Toilet Bowl Punch Ice Cream Hack?

The idea behind this woman making ice cream punch in the toilet, was how toilet bowl cleaner works. You know how you drop that blue tablet in the toilet tank, and all the blue waters comes out into the toilet bowl when you flush? Those same physics involved is what makes a toilet bowl the perfect punch maker in theory.

How Did the Woman Turn a Toilet into an Ice Cream Punch Machine?

The first step was to fill the toilet bowl with ice cream sherbet, ice cubes, and sour worms. Next she added sour patch kids, and Hawaiian punch, sprite, and Fanta into an emptied toilet tank. When the toilet was flushed it forced the punch mixture into the toilet bowl full of ice cream sherbet and ice cubes mixing it instantly. Just like that she was ready to serve to Toilet Bowl Punch Ice Cream to her guests waiting patiently outside on a hot day.

On the surface it may seem like a moment of incredible ingenuity, but would you really want to drink ice cream punch that just came out a toilet? It was not too long ago that people on TikTok revealed the Toilet Bowl Hair Washing Machine hack. This Toilet Bowl Punch hack might be even nastier, because this is actually going in your body.

Hopefully they had 911 on speed dial just in case anyone got sick.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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