Three dimensional Billboards remain one of the coolest inventions ever. These Billboards which are usually set up at the corner of busy streets above popular businesses use light bending technology to create an effect that makes it look like the characters in moving images are actually have real world depth.

Details About the Resident Evil 3D Billboard Going Viral

Recently people on social media came across a Resident Evil 3D Billboard situated above a Starbucks restaurant. The amazing three dimensional billboard portrays a horrifying venom like creature from the show trying to break through a glass container. As it breaks the glass its hand appears to reach out into the air outside, then things really get scary when the creature escapes the glass and appears to moving around the real world buildings.

As you’ll see below this definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, and could easily dangerously scare someone with heart conditions.

The Resident Evil 3D Billboard was likely created to promote the new Netflix series.

Where is the 3D Resident Evil Billboard Located?

While it’s not confirmed rumors are saying the Resident Evil 3D Billboard is located in New York City. Based on the scenery of the video it looks like those reports could be accurate.

In terms of Netflix series many people are not happy that it’s another Resident Evil spinoff that doesn’t stay completely true to the story line of the original game.

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