Home Hip Hop Kodak Black Breast Cancer Tweet Trends Amidst New Drug Trafficking Arrest Controversy

Kodak Black Breast Cancer Tweet Trends Amidst New Drug Trafficking Arrest Controversy

After being pardoned by Donald Trump just about 1 year ago, Kodak Black finds himself caught up with the law again. This time Kodak Black was arrested on drug trafficking charges after being pulled over for his tint being too dark according to reports. Police allege they found oxycodone in his car, and that his license was expired. Kodak Black posted $75K bond to be released from Broward County Jail, but his future is now uncertain again with a serious court case looming over his head.

Kodak Black Breast Cancer Tweet Trends Amidst Drug Trafficking Arrest Controversy

Amidst all the social media chaos caused by his drug trafficking arrest people began to reminiscence about viral moments from Kodak Black’s past. One of the funniest has to be the legendary Kodak Black breast cancer tweet. In this unintentionally hilarious post Kodak Black wrote ‘I support breast cancer’ while wearing a pink shirt with a pink drink in his hand.

The tweet was ironic, because he was wearing the pink colors and drinking pink fluid, which would usual represents you strongly support people who are battling breast cancer. However, because he forgot to add the word ‘awareness’ it looked like he was proclaiming to be a breast cancer fan. The tweet is from back in 2014.

Kodak Black has always been one of the funniest rappers ever, and what makes that so incredible is that most of the time he’s just unintentionally funny meaning he’s not even trying to be. For example it was hilarious when he used SpongeBob SquarePants to explain a beef he had with another rapper.

Hopefully people don’t have to add Kodak Black fumbling a presidential pardon to the list of unintentionally funny moments, because if he goes to jail his haters are going to have a lot jokes to post on social media. The good thing is that Kodak Black’s team seems to be confident he will easily beat this case.

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