If there is one celebrity today who knows how to make the entire world talk about him, Kanye West is that guy. Ever since the media started painting him as an anti-Semitic villain after he began exposing his business partners allegedly treating him unfairly with controversial tweets, he lost all fear he has in terms of saying things that would allow the media to damage his reputation. Yesterday social media was buzzing due to a Infowars interview Kanye West did with Alex Jones, but he one upped that virality with a tweet about an alleged affair Chris Paul had with Kim Kardashian.

Did Chris Paul Smash Kim Kardashian? Kanye West Claims He Caught Chris Paul Cheating on His Wife with Kim Kardashian

Chris Paul married his wife Jada Crawley in 2011, and they have some kids together. Over the past 11 years CP3 has been seen as one of those NBA players that stayed faithful to his wife. However, Kanye West claims that he caught Chris Paul in bed with Kim Kardashian. He posted the allegation in a tweet before his Twitter account got suspended by Elon Musk after he posted a picture of a Nazi symbol combined with the Star of David, which seemed like another attempt of him displaying his religious belief that he loves all people regardless of their history.

Considering CP3 is married the allegations are viral, because it would mean that Chris Paul cheated on his wife with Kim Kardashian. When you think about him and Kanye West they do resemble each other physically in some ways, so you could argue that CP3 might be Kim Kardashian’s type. However, the allegations seem outlandish, and it wouldn’t be the first time Ye accused his ex-wife of cheating. There was once a time when alleged that she cheated with Meek Mill as well. Take a look at the tweet that has world talking about Chris Paul smashing Kim Kardashian allegedly.


Kanye West seemed to know that he was going to get banned from Twitter yesterday, and as result it seems he decided to go out with a bang. Him revealing that Kim Kardashian allegedly cheated with Chris Paul definitely left social media on fire.

How crazy would it be if there is actually some truth to his allegation? Did Kanye just destroy CP3’s marriage?

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