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Stephen A. Smith Booty Eating Confession Goes Viral

Stephen A. Smith is one of the most outspoken and honest sports reporters of all time. Whether he’s doing an interview on someone else’s show, or doing his own thing on ESPN he’s not afraid of saying what’s on his mind. This remains true even when talking about very personal intimate parts of his life when the camera’s aren’t rolling, and proof of that is a recent interview where he was asked about booty eating.

Stephen A. Smith’s Booty Eating Confession Goes Viral

During a recent interview Stephen A. Smith was asked if he eats booty. He claimed he never has, which wasn’t surprising, but his answer to the following question he was asked is raising eyebrows around the sports world. When it was asked whether a woman had ever eaten Stephen A. Smith’s booty he got quiet, smiled, then basically said he wouldn’t give an answer to the question.

Now remember when the host asked if Stephen A. Smith eats booty he quickly said no. However, when it was asked if he gets his booty eaten he wouldn’t say no and wouldn’t say yes, rather he said “It’s Private”. In most cases when people are asked a yes or no question and they won’t publicly answer then there’s high chance their answer might be yes. Take a listen to the interview that has people wondering if Stephen A. Smith is getting truly freaky behind closed doors.

Booty eating remains a very taboo subject when talking about intimacy, which is natural considering the nasty prospect of what it entails. Putting your mouth where the sun don’t shine likely takes a certain level of resolve to not feel sick after partaking in that type of act. However, over the years some celebrities have been honest about liking the act.

For example Trick Daddy’s booty eating confession went viral awhile back, and also Aliza Jane’s. There was also that viral booty eating scene from “Harlem” involving Meagan Good, which conveyed how nasty it is to some people. Who would have guessed that when he’s done giving hot takes on ESPN, it’s possible Stephen A. Smith’s booty is getting eaten by some woman.

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