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Interview Reveals Model Aliza Jane Eats Booty and Kanye West Made Her Twerk Naked While Recording DONDA 2

Crazy stories involving Kanye West are a commonplace to hear, but a recent claim from well known model Aliza Jane is one of the craziest we’ve heard so far. Now Aliza Jane is one of the most bold models in the industry, and the proof is in the candid stories she tells. For example Aliza Janes eats booty, and she’s not ashamed of letting people know that. However, even for her she was surprised about what Kanye and Future made her allegedly do.

Did Kanye West Make Model Aliza Jane Twerk Naked While Recording DONDA 2 at Future’s House?

Aliza Jane was recently on the Sofia F Podcast, and revealed a lot of things she went through being an industry woman. According to Aliza Jane when Kanye West hit her up to come to Future’s house while he was recording DONDA 2 she was thinking that she would get to share some her music. However, when she got there she claims Kanye made her strip naked and twerk for everyone in the room. Essentially she was their form of entertainment.

Details About the Aliza Jane’s Booty Eating Revelation

Also during this interview Sofia F applauded Aliza Jane for being a celebrity magnet in Miami. She wanted to know what her secret was, so that she could have celebrities chasing after her too. Apparently the secret to Aliza’s success is her willingness to eat from the place where the sun don’t shine.

According to her own claims Aliza Jane eats booty, and has put her tongue in men’s buttholes. She says she has never put her finger in there though. In response to her comment Sofia F said she is willing to eat booty too. Skip to around the 7:30 mark to her Aliza Jane’s booty eating story, but watch the whole interview to hear her talk about Kanye West as well.

Models do some crazy things just to get famous in the hip-hop industry, and it always makes you wonder what their parents are thinking in background. It’s tough to imagine being a father or mother, and hearing your daughter talk about eating booty and twerking naked for men on command. No one is judging though, and if it affords them a nice lifestyle you can’t knock the hustle.