The world of politics is currently a very strange place where you see the most unexpected things these days. A recent example of how strange things are in the political world is a photo going viral showing “Blacks for Trumps” taking pictures with white people holding up racist symbols. It sounds too crazy to be real, but this really happened.

‘Blacks for Trump’ Taking Picture with White People Holding Up ‘White Power’ Symbol at Ohio Rally Goes Viral

Donald Trump was in Ohio holding another rally on his path to running for president again in 2024. His usual group of supporters were there in attendance, but also the famous group “Blacks for Trump” showed up, and took pictures with other Trump supporters. One photo that caught the most attention on social media shows ‘Blacks for Trump’ with white people holding up the ‘White Power’ sign. Either they didn’t know what the symbol meant, or they put their differences aside in that moment since they support the same candidate. In any case it was a shocking photo to see all things considered.

Here’s a video showing a speech being given by “Blacks for Trump”, which gives you an idea of the kind political beliefs they have.

Both political parties have their shortcomings, so it’s not surprising to see black people supporting Donald Trump. After all many black people support Joe Biden despite the fact he was bestfriends with a KKK member, supported racist policies in the past, and told black people they weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him during the election. However, taking pictures with people holding up symbols that show hatred towards your own race goes beyond politics.

The strange two party political system has created what feels like the real world matrix. Black people taking pictures with racist white people holding up white power symbols seems like modified video game logic, but apparently that’s reality now.

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