Toyah and Robert’s YouTube videos have taken social media by storm, but the most recent video is capturing people’s attention for another reason. Toyah’s cleavage in their Sunday Lockdown Lunch – Enter the Sandman video is going viral.

People are always impressed at the energy the 62 year old Toyah brings in these videos, but also the fact that she appears to have the body of a young woman, which shows she is taking care of herself. In the Sunday Lockdown Lunch video, because of Toyah’s cleavage stealing the show people were amazed at the restraint and respect Robert showed.

As you can see Robert never once let his eyes go astray in the video. Not once do you see Robert looking at Toyah’s cleavage, although she is putting it right in front of his face. That’s about as gentlemanly as it gets. As you can see in some of the reactions above, people gave Robert kudos for his restraint.

Toyah’s cleavage in the Sunday Lockdown Lunch – Enter the Sandman Video will never be forgotten, and she probably knew that.

Author: JordanThrilla