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Louis Farrakhan Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Is a Plot to Lower Black Population in Alleged Government Coronavirus Vaccine Conspiracy

A Louis Farrakhan Coronavirus Vaccine Conspiracy is going viral. The Islam leader Louis Farrakhan claims COVID-19 vaccine is a plot to lower the black population, according to his own beliefs. In a viral speech during the National Black Leadership Summit, Louis Farrakhan claimed coronavirus vaccine is a Government conspiracy with evil intentions. His reasons behind this sentiment may not be what you’re expecting.

Louis Farrakhan isn’t implying that COVID-19 virus is a farce, but one aspect of the how the virus infects people is sketchy to him.

Louis Farrakhan pointed out that COVID-19 affects black people disproportionately. He implies this was by design to instill fear into black people in hopes they would rush to take a coronavirus vaccine shot. Louis Farrakhan says the COVID-19 is a “toxic waste”, possibly meaning he believes it is poison. He likened the COVID-19 situation to the Flint Water Crisis that also disproportionately affected black people.

Vaccines have always been a controversial topic when it comes to the side effects they can cause. The Bill Gates vaccine situation brought to light by Robert Kennedy Jr will come to a lot people thoughts.

Louis Farrakhan exposing the COVID-19 Vaccine as a plot to lower the black population is about as 2020 as it gets.

Author: JordanThrilla

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