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Did FBG Cash Kill FBG Meezle? FBG Cash Clowns BCR Meezle Death In Video Responding to Rumors He Murdered Him and FBG Duck Mom Reacts

Did FBG Cash kill FBG Meezle? FBG Cash clowned BCR Meezle’s death in a IG Live video responding to rumors that he murdered him. Not too long after FBG Duck’s mom reacted to FBG Cash dissing FBG Meezle on IG Live after he was dead.

In the footage FBG Cash denies having anything to do with FBG Meezle getting shot and killed. However, the way FBG Cash clowns FBG Meezle’s death in the video is still making him look very suspicious to people. Take a look.

FBG Duck’s mom was very cool with FBG Meezle. They were seen hanging out on live together very often after FBG Duck passed away. After the video above went viral a very angry FBG Duck’s mom responded to FBG Cash clowning FBG Meezle getting shot dead. In addition to condemning FBG Cash for being disrespectful, she states that FBG Meezle was never actually FBG despite him starting to use that in his name before his death.

Skip to the 1:20 mark of the video.

BCR Meezle was allegedly shot and killed at a hotel last night. Details surrounding his death are still cloudy. While there doesn’t seem to be any clear proof that FBG Cash killed FBG Meezle, his reaction to his death is clearly disrespectful and is bringing him the wrong kind of attention. FBG Duck’s mom was very unhappy about that IG Live video.

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