Joe Budden Liked a Video Dissing Rory and Mal As Low Value and Replaceable to Joe Budden Podcast

When the beef between Rory, Mal, and Joe Budden started many people thougt it would be the end of the podcast. However, quite the opposite happened as the podcast moved on from them with Joe Budden doing the solo thing while still getting the same amount of viewers if not more. Some people think they may reunite at some point, but one incident recently seems to convey otherwise. It appears Joe Budden liked a video saying Rory and Mal are low value and replaceable on the Joe Budden podcast.

The video was from No Jumper’s podcast where they were talking about how surprised they were that fans don’t seem to care about Rory and Mal leaving the show. They conveyed how it’s now clear Joe Budden was the only reason people were tuning in.

Take a look at the video in question.

The exact reasons Rory and Mal fell out with Joe Budden are still unknown. Some people think Rory and Mal are taking a vacation while pulling a publicity stunt with Joe Budden, but that might be wishful thinking. Other people think their falling out has something to do with Joe Budden turning down a lucrative offer from Spotify.

The Joe Budden Podcast is good without Rory and Mal for sure, but it is great with them on the show. Hopefully they come back to the show at some point.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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