Did Billboard Gentrify Lil Baby? People are Shocked About Lil Baby Voice in Billboard Music Awards Video

Did Billboard gentrify Lil Baby voice? People are confused about Lil Baby’s voice in a video for Billboard Music Awards. In the footage Lil Baby was announcing he would be presenting award for Top Hot 100 song. However in the video people think Lil Baby sounded like someone who had never been to the hood before, and more like someone who grew up in the suburbs all their life.

This led to people on social media claiming that Lil Baby was gentrified to appeal to the masses. Was he forced to code switch or did he change the tone of his voice on purpose? Take a listen.

Now compare Lil Baby’s voice in the video above to his voice during a Breakfast Club interview. You can see why people think Billboard gentrified Lil Baby before their award show.

Some people think that Lil Baby’s voice in the video announcing his Billboard presentation is his real voice, and the tone of his voice in prior interviews is the fake voice he puts on to uphold his rapping image.

Whatever the truth maybe it’s clear Lil Baby code switches depending on the environment or who he feels is viewing.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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