What happened to Tory Lanez’s hair over the past few months? It’s well known that he had hair transplant surgery and was showing off a full head of hair a few months ago. However, a new video shows Tory Lanez’s massive bald spot on top of his head now.

From the looks of things it seems he may not be able to visit his doctor so his hair is falling out now. Take a look.

Tory Lanez bald spot

Tory Lanez is out here looking like Kevin Durant now. His hairline is still intact, but everything behind it looks like it’s in a midst of a losing battle.

Could this be what the stress of the Megan Thee Stallion situation did to him? One thing this shows is that Tory Lanez has supreme confidence to be able to go out in public like this.

Author: JordanThrilla

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