Remember that story Wendy Williams told about having a one night stand with Method Man? Well in a new development Method Man’s wife Tamika Smith exposed Wendy Williams lied about hooking up with him. She even went as far as clowning Wendy Williams’ plastic surgery, saying her level of ugly “can’t be fixed”.

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According to Method Man’s wife, Wendy Williams made up this story just for ratings and to bring attention to her new documentary. She accused her of using her platform to attack marriages instead of uplifting women. She also called out Wendy Williams for criticizing celebrities with drug addictions, while she herself battled drug addiction problems.

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Yeah, Method Man’s wife went all the way in on her. Take a look.

Wendy Williams has mastered the art of one side conversations with her talk show, so it’s been a long time since somebody came at her like this. There is so much truth in this rant that you know it’s going to hit her soul real deep.

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The question now is how will Wendy Williams respond to Method Man’s wife? Will she continue to stick with her one night stand story or admit she was caught lying?

Author: JordanThrilla

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