Did Method Man have intercourse with Wendy Williams? A new interview reveals Method Man smashed Wendy Williams, and the details are bit strange.

The one night stand between Method Man and Wendy Williams started after a night out at the club. This was around the time she was still doing coke, according to her story. Long story short Wendy Williams said she smoked weed with Method Man while giving him a bath, which led to them having intercourse.

Take a listen to her tell the story in a bit more detail during the incredible DJ Sussone show.

Press the unmute button on this video below if you hear no sound. We will explain below why we included this clip someone posted awhile back.

Method Man hooking up with Wendy Williams is strange for so many reason, even if you ignore the weird aspects of her story. These days she seems to hate rappers, regularly talks down on them on her show when bad things happen in their life. As an example check out the second video above of her clowning Benny the Butcher in a condescending manner after he got shot.

Now back to her story, and the thought of her giving Method Man a bath just seems too weird to be true, but she is adamant this happened. It will be interesting to see if Method Man responds to this story confirming or denying it.

Author: JordanThrilla

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