A family situation between a woman and her baby daddy has sparked a viral conversation on social media. At the core of situation is the question of whether a man needs to care about his baby mama’s kids if they aren’t biologically his. The question may seem a bit confusing, but let us explain the situation at hand.

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Social Media Roasts Woman Exposing Her Son’s Father Only Feeding His Son and Ignoring Her Other Children

A viral TikTok video shows a woman complaining about her baby daddy’s unwillingness to take care of three kids that aren’t biologically his. In the footage the man brought his biological son some food, but didn’t bring anything for the three other kids that aren’t related to him. The woman was very angry that her son’s father only cares about his biological son, and didn’t have the heart to spend money on food for the kids she had by other men.

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On social media this sparked a conversation about whether or not the father was right in doing that? Take a listen.

When the woman posted those video she probably thought people were going to take her side, but as you can see from some of the comments above from the TikTok video she got roasted into oblivion. Almost all the comments were both women and men basically saying she needs a reality check, or asking where the fathers of her other three children were at. Many people couldn’t believe she actually thought social media would take her side.

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In the court of social media law the man was right for only bringing food for his biological son. With that said, there’s nothing wrong for caring about kids that aren’t yours.

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