A Beyonce’s nephew Julez and Skai Jackson $ex Tape video leaked today, and social media is going crazy. In the Julez and Skai Jackson $extape it’s alleged he was using his hand on her groin area. People are saying that Julez was fingering Skai Jackson in the video.

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People on Twitter were completely aghast at the Skai Jackson video. It was completely shocking to most people that the Disney Channel legend is on a $ex tape with Beyonce’s nephew Julez of all people. It’s about as random as it gets.

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Take a look at some of the reactions to the Skai Jackson and Julez $extape video.

Rumors going around say Beyonce’s nephew Julez leaked the Skai Jackson $ex tape video. This is why many people feel that Skai Jackson is going to sue Beyonce’s family for a lot of money.

Based on what people are saying Skai Jackson is 18 and Julez is 17, but Julez age is not confirmed. Who would have thought that early in 2021 a Skai Jackson $extape with Julez who is Beyonce’s nephew would leak? 2020 isn’t looking so crazy so far this year.

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The last time Skai Jackson was viral it was for doxxing someone.

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