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Chet Hanks Allegedly Cut with Knife During Fight With Ex-Girlfriend Kiana Parker in Viral Video

Domestic altercations seem like a common occurrence in the Hollywood realm. Usually they involve someone cheating or doing something very shady. As example Chet Hanks is back news for a domestic incident. In viral footage Chet Hanks claimed his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker cut him with a knife during a fight. However, she adamantly denies those allegations, so it’s not clear what really happened.

He claimed that he caught his girlfriend stealing money, and also charging his credit card to do things like pay rent. In the footage you could hear her claiming that he attacked him, but he said she was trying to flip the story. All the while he was walking around with his bodily fluids leaking from the gash on his head.

The viral video never actually never showed his girlfriend cutting him with a knife, because he started recording the aftermath of his claim.

This footage is from back in January so it’s not clear if any charges were ever filed.

In the past his ex-girlfriend has filed restraining orders against him, so they have a long history of domestic incidents between each other.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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