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Ex Food Stamp Recipient Rebecca Goodwin’s OnlyFans Leaks are Funding an Affordable Housing Scheme For Low Income People

Rebecca Goodwin, an OnlyFans star and social media influencer, has made headlines recently by using her own hard-earned money to purchase homes for low-income families. Goodwin, who is known for her glamorous lifestyle and online persona, made the announcement on her social media platform, where she also revealed that she has been saving up for this purpose for some time now.

Goodwin’s generous act of kindness has been lauded by many, who believe that this move is a big step towards addressing the housing crisis in Britain. Goodwin has made it clear that she wants to use her newfound celebrity status and financial resources to help those who are less fortunate. She hopes to achieve her goal by buying homes from people who need to sell quickly, and then renting them out to families in need.

Rebecca Goodwin’s OnlyFans leaks now make her around $100,000 per month. The mother of two daughters joined the platform about two years ago, and quickly became one of the top earners with her adult content. Now she’s using her income to make high quality housing available at very low prices. For example one of her properties is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house, which she’s renting for only $650 per month. That’s an unbeatable price considering the size.

Before Making OnlyFans Leaks Rebecca Goodwin Was on Food Stamps

Rebecca Goodwin’s acts of kindness toward low income individuals are probably the result of her being able to relate to the people in need. Before becoming rich from her OnlyFans leaks, Rebecca Goodwin was a struggling single mom living off food stamps (food vouchers in Britain). She knows first hand what it’s like to not have enough income to live comfortably.

Mom’s in the adult industry get a lot of flack, but sometimes there is good that comes from choosing that career path. This is a perfect example of one of those times.