Church service is supposed to be a sacred place where people come to find peace, and atone for their sins. However, as we have seen throughout life there are people who are always plotting to take advantage of others at the most unexpected times. Now people are committing brazen crimes during livestreamed church service further showing how crazy these trying times are.

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Was Lamor Miller-Whitehead Set Up? Brooklyn Pastor Robbed At Gunpoint During Livestream Sunday Church Service

With thousands of people watching something at the same time the thought of criminals committing crimes in front of that audience seems too crazy to be true considering the risk of getting caught. However, a viral video shows the moment a Brooklyn Pastor was robbed at gunpoint during his livestream Sunday Church Service. The Brooklyn Pastor’s name was Lamor Miller-Whitehead of Leaders of Tomorrow International Church.

As you’ll see in the footage Lamor M. Whitehead is one of those pastors that stays fresh with expensive clothes, and jewelry. It seems this may have made him target, because the robbers went directly for him and didn’t seem to care about anyone else. As soon as the Brooklyn Pastor saw the man in mask approaching him, he immediately fell the floor saying ‘alright alright’ in fear. He complied with their demands giving them all the valuables they wanted. It seems they took everything, but his computer.

What was a bit strange about the incident is how calm the bystanders were as they watched their Brooklyn pastor get robbed at gunpoint. Was Lamor Miller-Whitehead set up?

Part 2.

When you go to a churches small and big one thing they never seem to have is security. One of the reasons behind that may be the belief that since a Church is considered a house of God it is protected by his divine power. However, in case like the livestream footage of Brooklyn pastor Lamor Miller-Whitehead getting robbed at gunpoint, some security probably would have helped keep him safer.

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