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Vaccinated Rutgers Student Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Off Campus Exposes Rutgers Not Testing Vaccinated Students

One of the most notable universities to impose a vaccine mandate in recent months was Rutgers University. At the moment their campus claims to be 98.8% vaccinated. Students who are unvaccinated are able to apply for an exemption that requires them to get weekly testing. However, one strange aspect about their vaccine mandate is that Rutgers isn’t testing vaccinated students, according to allegations from a student on the campus.

A post from Reddit Rutgers is going viral for highlighting this situation, and how backwards it seems to be.

According to the post a vaccinated Rutgers student tested positive for COVID-19, but had to go off campus to get the test. They claimed that Rutgers is refusing to test vaccinated students, despite the fact that CDC announced that the COVID vaccine doesn’t stop transmission of the virus.

Under Rutgers vaccine mandate this vaccinated student with COVID-19 would be walking around the campus freely not knowing they were spreading COVID, because Rutgers won’t test vaccinated students.

This leads to the million dollar question, what is the motive behind Rutgers not testing vaccinated students? Is that a sign that their vaccine mandate has an ulterior motive?

Take a look at this r/Rutgers post from a student who allegedly goes to the school.

r/rutgers post from Vaccinated Rutgers Student Who Tested Positive for COVID-19 Off Campus Exposes Rutgers Not Testing Vaccinated Students. Reddit Rutgers post from Vaccinated Rutgers student who tests positive for COVID-19 and exposes Rutgers refusing to test unvaccinated students

Here is a video where Dr. Christina Parks explained why she believes the vaccine mandates at schools and workplaces don’t make sense, because COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t stop transmission.

She highlighted that the COVID vaccine was never developed to stop the spread of the virus, only to potentially lessen symptoms.

Considering that it’s widely known, and scientifically proven that vaccinated people can spread COVID-19, why would Rutgers choose not to test vaccinated students for COVID? If the vaccine mandate was created to help mitigate an outbreak on their campus, doesn’t not testing people who could be spreading COVID-19 defeat the purpose?

Conspiracy Theories The Could Explain Why Rutgers is Not Testing Vaccinated Students for COVID-19

People have come up with many theories to answer the question above, but there two ideas that stand out most. The first theory some people believe is that Rutgers isn’t testing vaccinated students, because it reduces the perceived incentives of getting vaccinated, since unvaccinated students have to get tested weekly.

The second theory people believe is that Rutgers is trying to meet a statistical quoted that would make it appear their vaccine mandate was working, when it reality might not be.

Whatever the case maybe, there could be a COVID outbreak on Rutgers campus already, and no one knows since vaccinated students aren’t being tested. It could be a situation like what happened in Barnstable Massachusetts.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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