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Why Did Rutgers University Ban an Unvaccinated Student From Taking Online Virtual Classes?

With more and more universities imposing vaccine mandates, it has led to controversial situations that some people think show the oddities of these news rules. Perhaps one of the strangest situation came from Rutgers University that claims to 98.8% vaccinated.

According to a new report from NJ.com, Rutgers University banned an unvaccinated student from taking online virtual classes despite the fact that he wouldn’t be around any students. The 22 year old named Logan Hollar says Rutgers stated the vaccine was required if you intended on returning to campus. In his case he selected all online virtual classes so he wouldn’t need to come to campus. To his surprise that still wasn’t enough.

On August 27, Rutgers University locked Logan Hollar out of all his school accounts including email and class selection, after he took a survey confirming he wasn’t vaccinated. When he tried to apply for an exemption Rutgers refused to allow him stating he had to have submitted paperwork before August 23.

Why Did Rutgers University Ban an Unvaccinated Student Logan Hollar from Taking Online Virtual Classes?

According to one report, Rutgers spokesperson Dory Devlin conveyed that taking online virtual classes is classified different from enrolling in a complete online degree. Presumably this means that Logan Hollar is being classified as student taking classes on campus. However, it still doesn’t make sense to many people, because he’s not around students by taking an online virtual class.

Situations like these are making some conspiracy theorists wonder if schools are receiving government incentives for vaccine mandates. In the video below Dr. Christina Parks explained the alleged science behind why she believes vaccine mandates are fundamentally wrong, and based on ideas that have been proven wrong by doctors.

She went into details alleging the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission of the virus, and was never intended to do so during studies. She reiterated she believes it was only designed to lessen chances of developing severe side effects.

As you saw she believes school and work vaccine mandates are supposedly being made under the pretense of stopping transmission among students and faculty, despite alleged data showing COVID Vaccine doesn’t stop transmission. In essence Dr. Christina Parks is saying Vaccine Mandates don’t make a workplace or school safer from COVID, since the virus can still spread. Based on her theory a student who is unvaccinated isn’t really affecting anyone, but themselves, but is that really the case?

Logan Hollar is planning to switch schools if he can’t work something out with Rutgers, because reports say he won’t be taking the vaccine.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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