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Craziest 1v1 Ever? Referee with PTSD, Hoodie Qel Gets Ball Thrown at His Head, Moon Beats Player 30 Pounds Heavier

Next Chapter, the popular YouTube channel that showcases streetball games and challenges, has released another episode of its 1v1 series in Virginia, featuring two talented players: Moon and Tre Patt.

The two faced off in a best of three games series, where the first two games go to 7 points, and the final game goes to 9 points. However, the series was anything but ordinary, as it was filled with drama, controversy and surprises.

The first game started off with Tre Patt scoring the first two baskets, using his size and strength to bully Moon in the paint. After his second basket, he taunted Moon by saying “too small” while making the hand to floor gesture.

This seemed to ignite a fire in Moon, who responded by showcasing his speed, agility and shooting skills. He even almost dunked on Tre Patt, who fouled him hard to prevent the embarrassment. Moon won the first game 7-3, and the second 7-4.

Why Did Tre Patt Throw the Ball at Marqel aka Hoodie Qel’s Head?

During the first game things got out of hand when Tre Patt threw the ball at Hoodie Qel’s head while his back was turned. Hoodie Qel is another Next Chapter player who was watching the game from the sidelines.

He immediately confronted Tre Patt ready to fight, before Tre Patt said “relax you’re in my city”. The two had to be separated, but cooler heads prevailed, and the game went on.

Tre Patt Throws Ball at Hoodie Qel aka Marqel’s Head Almost Starting a Fight

A Basketball Referee with PTSD?

The referee also had his own issues, as he was constantly heckled by some spectators who disagreed with his calls. At one point, he stopped the game and revealed that he had PTSD from serving in the war in Afghanistan.

He seemed to convey that he did not appreciate being disrespected, and that he was doing his best to officiate a fair game. He asked for some respect and understanding from the crowd.

Next Chapter Referee Reveals He’s Suffering from PTSD

Next Chapter’s 1v1 series continues to deliver exciting and entertaining games that showcase the talent and passion of streetball players, who are going against pros and NBA prospects.

The fans can’t wait for the next episodes in the series, which will feature J-Lew and Scar against some more talented VA ballers.

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