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Why Did Livestream Robbery Victim Pastor Lamor Miller-Whitehead File a Lawsuit Against Radio Host ‘Miss Jones’ and WXBK/94.7?

In July of 2022 with thousands of people watching a Brooklyn Pastor was robbed at gunpoint during his livestream Sunday Church Service. The pastor’s name was Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead of Leaders of Tomorrow International Church. The thieves made off with over $1 Million in expensive jewelry he was wearing at the time, which drew questions about where the funds came from. One of the prominent media voices who is a radio host is now being sued for allegedly promoting conspiracy theories on how he really makes his massive income.

Details on Why Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead Filed a $50 Million Lawsuit Against Popular Radio Host Miss Jones and WXBK/94.7

According to multiple reports Lamor Miller-Whitehead is suing radio host ‘Miss Jones’ whose real name is Tarsha Nicole Jones, along with her bosses at Paramount Global and WXBK/94.7. The lawsuit alleges that Miss Jones referenced Lamor Miller-Whitehead as a ‘drug dealer’ who is using his church to hide drug money. She also allegedly insinuated that he was running part of his drug operation from inside the church. Lamor claims that all her statements are verifiably false, and as such proceeded with a massive $50 Million lawsuit. At the moment it appears Miss Jones is still in the process of hiring a lawyer.

As you’ll see in the footage below Lamor M. Whitehead is one of those pastors that stays fresh with expensive clothes, and jewelry. Back in July this presumably made him a target because the robbers went directly for him and didn’t seem to care about anyone else. As soon as the Brooklyn Pastor saw a man in a mask approaching him, he immediately fell to the floor saying ‘alright alright’ in fear. He complied with their demands giving them all the valuables they wanted, which was later confirmed to be over $1 Million in jewelry. Some people still believe that Lamor Miller-Whitehead was set up due to how calm some of the bystanders seemed to be as the incident was going down.

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No one knows if his lawsuit against Miss Jones will hold up in court, but if she really made false allegations that could tarnish his reputation as a pastor then he definitely has a strong case. In many cases the amount of money people initially request in a lawsuit is a front knowing the court will likely agree to make the defendant pay much less, so it’s always smart to ask for as much as possible in the beginning.