Jeremy Lin Disowns Racist Chinese Fans Saying N-Word Racial Slur to NBA Player Sonny Weems in Viral Video. Jeremy Lin Responds to Racist Chinese Fans Who Called Sonny Weems N-Word Racial Slur

The experiences black people go through in China is not often talked about, mostly because racial diversity in China is minimal. However, over the years people around the world have learned how racist people in China can be by seeing how Black athletes in the CBA are sometimes treated. In the most recent case is a viral video concerning former NBA player Sonny Weems.

Video Shows Chinese Fans Saying N-Word Racial Slur to Ex NBA Player Sonny Weems

In the disturbing viral video circulating social media racist Chinese fans say the N-Word racial slur to Sonny Weems while he’s exiting Guangdong Southern Tigers’ team bus. The Chinese fans said the N-word over and over again, while telling Sonny Weems to “get out of China”. It’s not clear what provoked them to be so mean.

Despite the racist words being thrown at him, Sonny Weems completely ignored the racist hecklers, and went on about his business. It almost seemed like he was used to getting this kind of treatment from Chinese people, which is too sad to think about.

Jeremy Lin Responds to Racist Chinese Fans Who Called Sonny Weems N-Word Racial Slur

Throughout his NBA career Jeremy Lin has always been outspoken when it comes to racism. Whether it was something he experienced, or something he noticed someone else was going through, he was never afraid to speak his mind. Naturally he had a lot say about the disturbing video of Chinese fans calling Sonny Weems the N-word. In a passionate statement on Chinese social media site Weibo Jeremy Lin said,

“I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to be called a ‘Chinaman’ in a place where I’m considered a foreigner. And to be honest it’s scary when everyone around you doesn’t look like you. The abuse Sonny Weems received really was disrespectful, that word carried so much hurt, unfairness and hatred that I couldn’t put into words.”

When will the needless racism end?

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