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Blake Griffin Staring Down Piston Bench After Alley-oop Dunking Lob From James Harden is Very Confusing

Blake Griffin staring down Pistons bench after alley-oop dunking a lob pass from James Harden was very baffling to watch. The way he looked at his old teammates and coaches seemed to convey he hated them for some reason, in the sports sense.

However, the way the situation played out it seemed like Blake Griffin wanted out, and got his wish. If that’s the case why is he glaring at his bench like they are his enemy now?

Why Blake Griffin Staring Down Pistons Bench After Alley-Oop Dunking Makes No Sense

The irony of this incident is it seem like Blake Griffin was the person who completely quit on the Pistons. In the few games before he sent home it looked like he didn’t even want to be on the court. The guy that wants to cut to the basket for Alley-oops would literally stand still on offense in Detroit. He basically turned himself into a spot up shooter that couldn’t shoot consistently or play defense.

How can you be mad at a team after you played like this on regular basis. See video below.

Now that Blake Griffin is playing beside another player who quit on his team in James Harden, he wants to be a bully and mean mug his old teammates. It’s really sad what his career has come to, no one would have ever thought that at only 32 years old Blake Griffin would be a washed up superstar turned role player that celebrates by disrespecting his former teammates.

Who knows maybe he is mad that they sent him home while he was still playing for them.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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