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LA Man with Monkeypox at McDonald’s and Burger King Goes Viral For Refusing to Stay Inside His Home

Monkeypox is the most recent virus to wreak havoc around the world. Although it’s not spreading as fast as COVID, it’s still spreading at a very alarming rate. Recently a report from CNN stated that an epidemiologist at Brown University said that their research data indicates that monkeypox infections are happening almost exclusively among gay men. In addition the epidemiologist named Jennifer Nuzzo stated that the transmission of the virus is mostly happening during gay intercourse. However, there are many other ways to catch the virus such as simply coming in contact with a surface that has the virus on it, or just by touching someone with blisters on their skin, which is why a man with monkeypox who went on McDonald’s and Burger King runs is sparking anger on social media.

Duane Cali a Los Angeles Man with Monkeypox at McDonald’s and Burger King Goes Viral For Refusing to Stay Inside His House

CDC urged people who have Monkeypox to stay inside their homes until there are no visible blisters on their skin. In addition they advised people with the infection to avoid contact with other people, and avoid coming in contact with surfaces other people might touch. Naturally for most people that would include avoiding going to a public restaurant, but some people feel they should still be able to move around freely with the highly infectious virus wreaking havoc on their body.

Recently Los Angeles TikToker @DuaneCali aka Duane Cali contracted Monkeypox after coming in contact with an infected person during intimate relations based on the statement in his video. Despite the fact he had blisters all over his body in the footage the man was at McDonald’s with monkeypox virus dancing all over his skin. To make matters worse he would later post another video on Facebook Live showing him at Burger King with monkeypox still visible all over his face and arms. After he learned about the backlash he was getting on social media for refusing to stay inside, he responded by cursing people out and telling them he will continue to go outside with Monkeypox, basically ignoring all CDC’s guidance and putting others at risk.

Here is the Los Angeles man Duane Cali with monkeypox at McDonald’s.

Here is the man with Monkeypox at Burger King.

Here was Duane Cali’s response to people pleading with him to stay in the house to keep others from getting infected.

Angry tweets about the situation have gone viral across social media.

What are Symptoms of Monkeypox?

According to Dr. Jason Zucker of Columbia University’s Department of Medicine, Monkeypox causes severe rectal pain that increases every time a person uses the bathroom. In addition it also causes severe genital pain when a victim urinates, and severe throat pain when a victim swallows. Of course it also causes that giant blisters that destroy your skin. Doctors say the pain it causes can be completely debilitating, causing a victim to need emergency medical care. However, in most cases monkeypox is non-fatal.

Hopefully Duane Cali stops going to public places until his Monkeypox infection is completely over. No one wants to order Burger King or McDonald’s with Monkeypox on the side. This is yet another reason to avoid eating fast food.

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