Security Camera Video of Portsmouth Virginia Car Wash Shooting at Tony's Hand Carwash in Broad Daylight Has Cops Searching For Suspect

A car wash shootout in Portsmouth Virginia has cops searching for a suspect. Viral security camera footage showed the moment the suspect in a Kia Sorento shot at multiple people before fleeing the scene.

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The incident happened around 4:30 pm at Tony’s Hand Carwash and Detailing. The popular business is located near Portsmouth Boulevard and Columbus Avenue. The victims of the shooting are either very lucky or shooter has really bad aim, because only one person sustained injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

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When you watch the footage below, you will see why it seems like a miracle no one was killed.

In recent months the string of public shootings has seemed more common than ever before. Thankfully this time there were on casualties. Hopefully this shooting at Tony’s Hand Carwash doesn’t affect their flow of business.

Investigators have asked anyone who may have information about the suspect to contact the Major Crimes Unit of the Portsmouth Police Department.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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