Video Allegedly Shows Brazilian People Destroying HAARP Antennas in Brazil

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program has always been the center of conspiracy theories when it started in 2014. It began as an ionospheric research program funded by the United States government. At the core it was supposed to be able to enhance the ionosphere, which could improve radio communications and surveillance. However, over time conspiracy theorists found more and more evidence that it could allegedly control weather patterns turning it into a weapon.

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The conspiracy theories of HAARP being a weapon led to much criticism from the public, and in rare cases acts of protest. One viral example is a video that allegedly shows Brazilian people destroying HAARP antennas at a geoengineering facility in Brazil.

Those antennas in the video above are allegedly Ionospheric Research Instruments, which are the magic behind that HAARP device. An IRI is a high radio frequency transmitter, which can momentarily “excite” a small area of the Ionosphere.

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Although they do look similar to the IRI devices, there is debate around this video concerning whether or not those are just normal powerlines being torn down the video.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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