Nicki Minaj Talks $ex Lil Wayne and Asks His Favorite Position During Steamy Conversation on Instagram Live

Nicki Minaj interviewed Lil Wayne on Instagram Live, and their conversation took a very steamy turn. At one point Nicki Minaj asked Lil Wayne his favorite $ex position, which turned into a deep conversation about thrust techniques.

Lil Wayne told Nicki Minaj he likes to be on top when making love, because he likes to be on top of any situation in life. Before he went more in depth he mentioned Nicki Minaj’s husband, because he didn’t want to get her in trouble. From there Lil Wayne told Nicki Minaj he likes a woman to lay still when he’s smashing her, because it makes him feel more powerful. This really set Nicki Minaj off into explaining why the woman has to start thrusting back if it gets really good.

The whole time there was awkwardness in the air, because it sounded like they were both trying their best not to reveal that they possibly slept together at some point. Lil Wayne seemed to be talking to Nicki Minaj like she already knew his answers from experience.

It seems Lil Wayne is always putting Nicki Minaj’s significant others in tough situations unintentionally. We all remember that infamous video of Lil Wayne flirting with Nicki in front of her ex-boyfriend Safaree.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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