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Unseen Body Cam Footage Shows Young Dolph Reacting to Losing $500K after His Car Was Broken Into in Atlanta

An unseen 2019 body camera video showing rapper Young Dolph reacting to losing $500K worth of valuables after his car was broken into has surfaced online, and is going viral. The video shows what happened when police responded to a call saying that Young Dolph’s G Wagon Mercedes was broken into while he was eating lunch at an Atlanta Cracker Barrel.

According to the official police report, Young Dolph claimed that a $27K diamond chain, a $57K diamond chain, a $230K Richard Millie watch, $85K in cash, and $24K Cartier sunglasses were all stolen from his vehicle. The rapper told the officers that he had left his car unlocked, and that he did not see anyone suspicious around.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from viewers, who have different opinions on how Young Dolph handled the situation. Some people feel that the video shows that Young Dolph did not mind cooperating with law enforcement despite the fact that he claimed to be against working with cops in his songs.

Others are saying that he needed to report the theft to the police in order to file insurance claims and that he was just following the protocol. They also point out that Young Dolph has been a victim of violence before, having survived multiple shooting incidents, and that he might have learned to appreciate the police more.

Some people think that Young Dolph may have been lying to cops about what was stolen, because he didn’t even seem to be sure about what was actually stolen. For example as you’ll see in the footage below, he had to think for about 5 seconds before remembering that his Richard Millie watch was stolen. Essentially some people think that Young Dolph was committing insurance fraud, or at least attempting to.

What stands out most during the situation is how respectful Young Dolph was with the police. He did not show any anger or frustration, and even joked with them.

The video shows a different side of Young Dolph, who is known for his flashy lifestyle and his beefs with other rappers. It also raises questions about the role of the police in the hip-hop community.

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