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Freddie Gibbs Claims Benny the Butcher is Snitching After Benny the Butcher Posts Video of his Chain on IG

Back in May a video leaked showing that Freddie Gibbs got beat up in Buffalo New York. At the time he was on his Space Rabbit Tour when he ran into Benny the Butcher’s crew. The first reports of this incident were based on a Tweet from an alleged witness, then the infamous video surfaced showing it really went down.

The footage showed that Freddie Gibbs’ chain was snatched after he was beaten badly. At least 20 people jumped Freddie Gibbs inside a building, and the person recording was looking out their window as the attack took place. Now Benny The Butcher is throwing more salt on his emotional wounds from that incident, but Freddie Gibbs isn’t taking the disrespect quietly.

Benny The Butcher Posts Video of Freddie Gibb’s Chain on Instagram then Freddie Gibbs’ Responds Calling His Bluff

In a viral video Benny The Butcher was showing off his jewelry collection in a post captioned “Jewelry Cleaning Day”. Among his many iced out pieces was a chain with a “G” pendant on it, which is Freddie Gibbs’. The video was proof that Benny The Butcher still has Freddie Gibbs’ chain, and isn’t even shy about it. Months later it seems like Freddie Gibbs is never getting his chain back, but to his defense it wasn’t taken in a respectable manner since he was jumped. Freddie Gibbs responded to Benny the Butcher’s video basically saying that he didn’t throw any punches during the scuffle, so he can’t take credit for being the person that took his chain. Take a look at a screenshot from the Instagram video, and Freddie Gibbs’ reaction.

These were some tweets about the day Benny the Butcher’s crew took Freddie Gibbs’ chain.

Is Benny the Butcher a Snitch? Freddie Gibbs Accuses Benny the Butcher of Snitching Saying He’s Working with FEDS

The post above was only the first of series of messages Freddie Gibbs posted in response to Benny The Bucher showing off his ‘G’ chain. In another post Freddie Gibbs insinuated Benny the Butcher snitched by threatening to expose his sealed plea agreements. He literally called Benny the Butcher ‘the police’. In addition he revealed the possibility that Benny The Butcher reported Freddie Gibbs’ to Instagram to have his posts taken down. Could that be proof that Benny The Butcher is snitching?