How Beyoncé Fans are Using 'The Last of Us 2' Video Game to Scout Seats for Renaissance World Tour Tickets

The Last of Us 2 video game was released on June 19th, 2020, to the delight of its huge fan base. The game was praised for its exceptional visuals and deeply immersive environment. This immersive environment inspired one Beyoncé fan to use the game to scout seats for her upcoming “Renaissance World Tour” before purchasing tickets.

The TikTok video went viral once it was posted, as the fan found a photorealistic in-game replica of an arena Beyoncé will perform at, and used it to scout out the best seats for the cheapest prices. The fan was seen wandering around the arena, exploring each section in order to find the best view with the lowest cost.

The level of detail in the game’s replica of the arena is astounding. The TikToker is able to get a real sense of what it would be like to be in the arena for Beyonce’s show, from the sightlines of the seats to the exact placement of the stage and screens. It’s clear that the Last of Us 2 video game has been designed to provide an incredibly realistic representation of what a real arena would look like.

The “Renaissance World Tour” was announced in February 1, 2023 and will run from May 10th through September 27th. Beyonce will be performing at several arenas around the world, including the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the American Airlines Arena in Miami, and the O2 Arena in London. As of now there are 40 official tour dates.

How Beyoncé Fans are Using 'The Last of Us 2' Video Game to Scout Seats for Renaissance World Tour Tickets

For many, this video has been a reminder of the extraordinary power of modern video games, and the potential for them to be used in everyday life. The TikToker’s innovative use of “Last of Us 2” to scout the best seats for Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour has been met with great admiration, and many have been left in awe of the capabilities of today’s video games.

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