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Video Allegedly Shows Chinese Food Restaurant Putting Dead Rats in Meat Grinder to Make Chicken Substitute

Shocking footage of an alleged Chinese food restaurant putting dead rats in a meat grinder to make meat that looks like chicken is going viral. The video is being shared by thousands of people who are warning others to avoid eating at Chinese food restaurants.

The video is disturbing and disgusting, but is it true? Where did it come from and who filmed it? The video doesn’t give any clues about the location or the date of the recording. It could be anywhere in the world, or it could be a hoax. Some people have suggested that the video is fake, and staged by someone who wants to damage the reputation of Chinese food. However, most people feel the footage is entirely real.

There have been reports of similar incidents in the past. For example, in 2018, a couple in China found a rat in their hotpot dish at a well-known restaurant chain. In 2015, a video showed some restaurant workers in China skinning and boiling live rats for cooking. In 2019, a video claimed that some Chinese restaurants in New York City were selling rats and cat meat as chicken.

These cases are alarming and disgusting, but they are not representative of all Chinese food restaurants. There are probably many authentic and reputable Chinese food restaurants that serve delicious and safe dishes. It is a bit unfair to generalize and stereotype all Chinese food based on a few isolated incidents.

Don’t let this video stop you from enjoying Chinese food. Just make sure you choose a trustworthy and hygienic restaurant that has good reviews and ratings.

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