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Why Was a Man Smashing Jewelry Cases in Walmart with a Hammer in Viral Video?

A video of a man smashing jewelry cases with a hammer at a Walmart store has gone viral on the internet. The bizarre incident, which allegedly happened at a Walmart in Houston Texas, shows the man wielding a hammer and breaking the glass enclosures around the jewelry display, while the store employees and customers watch in shock and disbelief.

According to witnesses, the man did not seem to have any intention of stealing anything from the store. He only wanted to cause destruction and mayhem. In the footage he did not say anything or make any demands during his rampage. He simply walked around the jewelry section, and smashed every case he could find with his hammer.

The Walmart workers did not try to stop him or confront him. They only told the customers to stay away from him and called the police. Some customers recorded the incident on their phones and posted it online, where it quickly gained millions of views and comments.

Many people on social media joked about the man’s motive for his actions. Some suggested that he was just testing the quality of the hammer he bought from the store. Others said that he was angry that his girlfriend rejected his proposal and wanted to take revenge on the jewelry. Some even speculated that he was a secret agent on a mission to destroy evidence.

What Happened to the Man Who Smashed the Jewelry Cases in Walmart?

According to some reports police arrived at the scene, and arrested the man without any resistance. He was identified as a 35-year-old resident of Houston, but his name was never publicly given. He was allegedly charged with criminal mischief and vandalism. The police said that they are still investigating his motive and mental state.

The Walmart store allegedly suffered an estimated $50,000 worth of damage from the incident, which ironically is probably more than the jewelry inside the cases. The store manager allegedly said that they are working to repair the jewelry cases, and resume normal operations as soon as possible.

This situation brings new meaning to the phrase “hammering a point home”.

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