This Is How Family Guy Character Quagmire Would Look in Real Life

Have you ever wondered how some of the most iconic cartoon character would like if they became a part of reality? Sometimes the result of that can be even more creepy and/or funny than you expect. Such was the case when someone posted a picture of Family Guy character Glenn Quagmire in real life.

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He had the same HGH jaw, but you could now see the stubble from his beard, which makes the abnormally large chin much more scary. When you think about the type of character he is on the show, it makes it even more creepy, but still funny nonetheless.

What Quagmire Looks Like in Real Life

This Is How Family Guy Character Quagmire Would Look in Real Life

Quagmire In Real Life vs Quagmire in Family Guy Cartoon Life

When people debate who the funniest character on Family Guy is, Quagmire is one of the names that is brought up as much as Stewie and Peter Griffin. The comedic sketches based around his character were so inappropriately funny that it was tough not to laugh. He’s a timeless cartoon character like Homer Simpson or Johnny Bravo.

Seeing how Quagmire looks in real life was a real shocker, even though it wasn’t surprise. Is there a backstory behind his jaw being so large?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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