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Seattle NYE Needle Firework Show Uses Halo Music from Video Game in Historical Moment

Video game and New Years Eve celebration history was made at the same time by the city of Seattle in one defining moment to end the year. Their tradition of Needle firework shows had an interesting twist this year that left gamers around the world savoring the moment.

Seattle New Years Eve Needle Firework Show Uses Music From Halo Video Game in Historical Moment

Viral video shows that the Seattle NYE firework show featured music from the Halo franchise. Anyone who has played a Halo game knows the legendary soundtrack that plays when big moments in the game happen, or during the main menu. Whether you’re cruising in a Warthog to the next stage of a mission, or watching a cutscene, Halo’s soundtrack made each moment that much more epic.

The city of Seattle seemed to realize this, and used the Halo soundtrack for their New Years Eve Needle firework show, which effectively made the moment very epic. Somebody who was responsible for orchestration of the moment must have been a Halo fan. The end result was perfect mix of video game fandom and New Years Eve celebration.


You know a game is legendary when one of the most famous cities in America uses its soundtrack to bring in the New Year. If Master Chief was a real person he would have probably been in tears seeing this happen. This was a big moment in gaming history.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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