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What Caused the Blood Red Sky in China Video? Possible Scientific Explanation Detailed

Nature is amazing, scary, and unpredictable all at the same time. Despite how advanced technology is today there are many things about nature that human’s don’t quite understand, especially when it comes to things that happen rarely. Recently footage of a blood red sky in China sparked conspiracy theories, but is there a scientific explanation behind what caused it?

What is the Scientific Explanation Behind the Blood Red Sky in China Video?

The color of the sky is usually dictated by how it bends light. Molecules and dust scatter and reflect sunlight before it reaches the human eye. When most of the light isn’t scattered the sky appears to be blue. However, when a mass amount of dust and particles gets trapped in the atmosphere due to high pressure most of the blue light gets scattered before it can reach the human eye. This phenomenon makes only red light coming directly from the sun turn the sky dark red.

This phenomenon usually only occurs in areas that are highly polluted such as China. While it’s not confirmed if this natural phenomenon caused the blood red sky in China, it seems like the most plausible scientific explanation. The footage, which has been viewed millions of times worldwide has sparked many conspiracy theories at about things such as other worldly forces at play. Some people think it is a warning to China based on the alleged atrocities they are committing towards certain groups in their country.

The color red is associated with things like Hell and evil in general, so it’s easy to see why people find the video so frightening.

In reality the scariest thing about the video might be the possibility that it shows just how polluted China’s air is, which could be a grave danger to people’s health who live in that area.

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