Is Rapper Turk Gay? New Interview Reveals Possibility Turk Cheated on His Wife With a Gay Man in Jail

Is rapper Turk gay? In a new DJ Vlad interview a possibility that Turk cheated on his wife with a gay man in prison was revealed.

In the interview Turk confirmed he cheated on his wife, but refused to say whether it was with a man or woman. In most cases a man wouldn’t have a problem saying he cheated with a woman, but the fact he won’t confirm the gender of his prison lover leads people to believe it was probably a man. Turk was sentenced to a 10 year in prison back in 2004 with charges stemming from a case where a Tennessee police officer got shot.

Many people say Turk seemed to change a lot personality wise after he was released from prison. Perhaps he is still fighting mental battles with his $exuality after hooking up with a gay man in prison, and cheating on his wife.

It’s unbelievable to think that Turk is gay considering the image he portrayed in his hip-hop music, but that might be reality. Hopefully one day he can live his truth comfortably, because it seems like he isn’t comfortable talking about it.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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