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Chief Keef Best Friend 600BossMoo Dead: Video Aftermath of 600BossMoo Committing Suicide After Shooting Woman Dead Goes Viral

Another sad case of murder-suicide has rocked the hip-hop community with news that Chief Keef’s best friend 600BossMoo is dead. According to reports 600BossMoo committed suicide at an upscale apartment complex in Woodlands Hills California.

Why Did 600BossMoo Commit Suicide?

Although nothing is confirmed, based on preliminary reports it’s possible 600BossMoo shot himself, because of a woman. Reports say 600BossMoo murdered a woman, then shot himself after she was dead.

When paramedics arrived they found both individuals suffering from fatal gunshot wounds, and they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Video aftermath of 600BossMoo shooting the woman then committing suicide shows the ambulance, police, and paramedics around the scene at Woodland Hills.

This was 600BossMoo’s last IG live video before he shot himself dead. He seemed relatively happy, but maybe he was putting on a front for his fans.


At the moment the motive behind 600BossMoo shooting the woman dead is still unknown, but there are rumors that his close friends noticed he was acting strangely before the incident happened.

Prayers up for everyone affected by the tragic situation.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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