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Trae Young Shows Up on WWE Smackdown Taunting Knicks Fans in Madison Square Garden All Over Again

Last season Trae Young emerged as full fledged superstar as he dashed New York Knicks hopes of making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. In the process he became public enemy number 1 in the eyes of Knicks fans, which led to some tense moments before and after playoffs games. It all came to an end when Trae Young bowed after hitting a three from near half court. That was the play that told the story of the series.

Knicks fans have been working past that torment, and turning a new leaf for the upcoming season, but they got a dose of those old Deja vu when Trae Young was on Smackdown taunting Madison Square Garden’s crowd. His presence shifted the tide of an incredible Ten-Man Tag Team Match.

This could be proof that even Trae Young the WWE wrestler would get the best of Knicks fans.

This video below was seen on just about every social media platform after Trae Young put the Knicks out the playoffs. It was easy to see they were probably going through waves of emotional pain.

Trae Young really left a mark on the cities bad side. Every Hawks at Knicks game is going to have a playoffs atmosphere going forward.

This was the moment many Knicks want to forget. That three to that bow was just too cold, and super disrespectful too. It was his response to Knicks fans spitting on him for no reason.

Trae Young on Smackdown forces them to relive this moment in a way.

It’s easy to see Trae Young’s superstar status is skyrocketing fast. He was almost thought of as a forgotten player due to Luka Doncic’s success, but then he emerged as player just as impactful when he started leading Hawks to wins. In terms of overall production, and how his team performed last season Trae Young is on par with Luka Doncic. They both have strengths and weakness that they have mastered in their own ways, which allows them to put up incredible numbers playing below the rim.

Trae Young on WWE Smackdown is one of the those superstar defining moments.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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