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Pot Belly Adrien Broner Almost Fighting McDonald’s Employee Fuels Worry Among Boxing Fans

Former boxing champion Adrien Broner has become the subject of ridicule and pity after a video of him trying to fight McDonald’s staff over a wrong order went viral. The video, which was uploaded on Instagram, shows the boxer entering the restaurant shirtless, revealing his pot belly and part of his butt.

Why Did Adrien Broner Want to Fight the McDonald’s Employee?

He then proceeds to yell at the employees, threatening to grab one of them and demanding his food. The staff try to calm him down and ask him to leave, but he refuses and continues his rant. At one point, an employee warns him that they will call the police if he does not stop. The pot bellied Adrien Broner proclaimed that he was not worried about police coming. He was talking like he had nothing to lose anymore. Apparently he was convinced that someone had spit in his food.

The video has sparked a wave of reactions from boxing fans and critics, who expressed their sadness and disappointment at seeing Broner’s downfall. Many commented that the video is proof that Broner is going to lose his upcoming fight, and that he may be suffering from mental health issues.

Broner, who once held world titles in four weight classes and was ranked as one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, has been on a downward spiral in recent years. He had lost most of his recent major fights, been arrested several times for various offenses, and faced lawsuits. However, he has made it known that he was trying to get back on track with his life and career.

Broner has not commented on the video or apologized for his behavior. Some have speculated that it is a sign of his lack of self-awareness and respect for others. Whatever his motive was, it seems clear to many that Broner has a lot of problems to solve before he can regain his status as a boxing star. On the other hand you could also argue that his antics are part of the reason he is even still relevant.

Broner’s last fight was in June 2023, when he defeated Bill Hutchinson by unanimous decision in a comeback bout. However, he failed to impress many observers, who noted that he looked overweight and out of shape. He also called out several big names in the sport, but none of them seemed interested in fighting him.

Broner’s next fight is scheduled for November 4 in Miami, where he will face fellow Cincinnati native Chris Howard. However, after his McDonald’s meltdown, some doubt that he will make it to the ring or perform well if he does.

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