Is Kyrie Irving Muslim? People Speculate Kyrie Irving Is Missing Games For Ramadan

Is Kyrie Irving Muslim? The question has arisen as people speculate Kyrie Irving is missing games for Ramadan.

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When Did Kyrie Irving Convert to Muslim?

If you look at past tweets from this year Kyrie Irving dropped hints that he was converting to Muslim. In recent weeks he has been seen kneeling in prayer on the sidelines. Also in a tweet from back in March Kyrie Irving referred to God as “Allah” saying, “All praises to God (Allah) for keeping me safe out there on that court. It was an honor and I am humbled. I give all the glory to you God(Allah) for blessing me with the gifts and talents”.

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It seems Kyrie Irving converted to Muslim this season, but possibly even earlier than that.

What Is Ramadan and How Can It Impact Kyrie Irving’s Health?

If Kyrie Irving recently converted to Muslim, it would mean he is possibly new to fasting as well. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, where very strict fasting is observed from morning until night. It would take a lot of fortitude to make it through fasting if your body isn’t adjusted to doing it. Definitely not something he could play through if he hasn’t experienced before.

Enes Kanter who is a long time Muslim does play in NBA games even when he’s observing fasting, but his body is probably used to it.

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It seems this year Kyrie Irving has gone through a lot of personal growth. He clearly isn’t the same person he used to be years ago, which is evident by the reason his altercation with Dennis Schroder happened.

Islam is a religion of peace, so it could definitely help Kyrie Irving on his journey to find pure peace within himself.

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