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Who is P Diddy’s Neighbor? Man Claiming to be P Diddy’s Neighbor Makes Explosive Allegations in Viral Video

50 Cent has sent social media into a frenzy after he posted footage of man claiming to be P Diddy’s neighbor, making some shocking allegations. His neighbor tells the world what he allegedly witnesses going on at P Diddy’s mansion when the clock hits around 3 am at night, well morning to be technical.

Why is Diddy Being Investigated?

As you probably know, recent raids took place on Diddy’s homes as part of a federal sex trafficking investigation. The 54-year-old rapper and entrepreneur, known by various names including P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Diddy, is one of the most influential producers and executives in hip-hop, but his legacy is being looked at much differently now.

The investigation was triggered by a series of allegations involving human trafficking, assault, and the solicitation and distribution of illegal narcotics and firearms. At least four individuals have been interviewed by federal officials in relation to these allegations.

The Storm Before the Video: 50 Cent Taunts P Diddy in Deleted Instagram Posts

Now we all know that history tells us that 50 Cent is one of the most petty rappers of all time when it comes to beef. He’s the type of artist who will hold onto a grudge for a lifetime, even if he has already clearly won the beef. You’re probably wondering what 50 Cent said about P Diddy and his family in those deleted Instagram posts.

P Diddy and 50 Cent have been beefing for over 15 years now. Their beef has been more of slick jabs back and forth, and their romantic lives clashing by dating some of the same women. When 50 Cent can kick his enemy when they are down, he usually takes the opportunity to social media. There’s no humiliation worse than public humiliation right? Maybe that’s his philosophy.

In this case, first he posted a screenshot from a news article about the FEDS raiding his house on his Instagram, with a caption saying “Now it’s not Diddy do it, it’s Diddy Done. They don’t come like that unless they got a case”.

As you can probably tell, he was insinuating that P Diddy is guilty, although that hasn’t been definitively proven yet. This post was deleted shortly later, possibly by Instagram authorities, or by 50 Cent himself.

He didn’t stop there though. He took the disrespect further and posted another picture of P Diddy’s sons in handcuffs, and added a caption saying, “S just got real. The Feds are in all the cribs, damn they got the kids in cuffs”. This post was also deleted shortly after.

The Video: What Did P Diddy’s Neighbor Say He Saw at 3 am?

A few hours after he deleted the posts we talked about above, 50 cent stirred up some more defamatory ammo with a video of a person claiming to live near P Diddy.

In the footage P Diddy’s neighbor claims that he saw P Diddy bringing minors to his house after 3 am in the morning. He described what he has allegedly witnessed as “wild”. The video was captioned with a message saying, “Sean P Diddy Combs’ neighbor claims Diddy brings minors to his house by the bus load late at night”.

A Man Claiming to be P Diddy's Neighbor Tells the Cameraman that He Saw P Diddy Bringing Minors to His House
A Man Claiming to be P Diddy’s Neighbor Tells the Cameraman that He Saw P Diddy Bringing Minors to His House Image Credit: 50 Cent Instagram

Did 50 Cent go too far, or do you support him speaking out against P Diddy in such a bold manner? Do you believe that person is P Diddy’s neighbor, and if so is he telling the truth about the things he saw?

Could his claim mean that other witnesses may have also seen P Diddy allegedly bringing minors to his home late at night in buses?

A lot it’s known right now, but what is known is that things are looking good for P Diddy, and 50 Cent is going to continue antagonizing him.

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