Did Drake Call Himself Batman and Kanye West Joker?

The beef between Kanye West and Drake may have just took a strange turn. In a new Instagram post it appears Drake called himself Batman, and Kanye West joker by liking a fan made art project. It was a direct reference to Kanye West using a clown meme for Drake in the leaked group text message.

The fan made drawing was based on the scene from The Dark Knight Rises where Batman is interrogating Joker. In this case Joker was Kanye West with clown face paint, Batman had the Drake beard, and also had an OVO Logo on his chest.

Did Drake Call Himself Batman and Kanye West Joker?

Drake didn’t literally call himself Batman and Kanye West joker, but he insinuated it by liking a picture that conveys it.

All in all this could end up being one of the corniest Hip-hop beefs ever if it keeps going down this route. However, it’s still very entertaining and hilarious to witness.

This all honestly could be orchestrated by them to get more attention towards their albums.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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