Toxicology Doctor Armin Koroknay Comparing Non-Vaccinated Blood to Vaccinated Blood After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Viral

Another doctor is speaking out against the COVID vaccine, except this time he hails from another country. A video of toxicology doctor Armin Koroknay comparing non-vaccinated blood to vaccinated blood in COVID-19 vaccine recipients is going viral. The doctor was trying to explain the instant microscopic blood clotting he alleges the vaccine causes by changing the structure of how blood cells move around the human body.

What is a Toxicology Doctor?

A doctor who specializes in toxicology is an expert in prevention, evaluation, and treatment focusing on people who have been exposed to drugs, chemicals, or biological agents. Presumably a toxicology doctor would be knowledgeable about a topic like this given their area of expertise.

Armin Koroknay began his speech by showing a microscopic picture of non-vaccinated blood vs vaccinated blood with COVID-19 vaccine. The photo showed that blood cells of a vaccinated person are clumped together due to an increase in fibrin fibers, rather than being free flowing like that of a non-vaccinated person. Armin Koroknay explained that usually when blood cells are clumped together in that fashion it is the result of an “electric spark” or low mineral count in the blood, which made it very unusual to see a vaccine causing the same affect.

His scariest claim was that the COVID-19 vaccine causes instant clotting on the microscopic level as soon it as touches human blood. He explained this why many people who get the COVID-19 vaccine don’t bleed from the needle injection sites, because their blood is clotting faster than normal.

He claims the change in a vaccinated person’s blood is most severe after the second COVID Vaccine injection.

Part 2.

Toxicology Doctor Armin Koroknay Comparing Non-Vaccinated Blood to Vaccinated Blood After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Viral

Armin Koroknay‘s claims about the COVID-19 vaccine affect on human blood matches some of the things alleged Oxford Doctor Shaun Brooks explained during his speech to the Ohio School Board. It also seems to explain more clearly why there have been some blood clot deaths connected to the vaccine, although it has happened very rarely.

Hopefully the things these doctors are claiming aren’t entirely true, because it could mean many innocent people who took the vaccine out of fear could suffer in the future.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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