Is Omarion Smashing Nia Long to Spite Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs? Dating Rumor Gets Shot Down by Nia Long with Two Words

Reports have been swirling that singer Omarion and actress Nia Long are an item. The two were recently spotted holding hands on the red carpet at the premiere of the Netflix original film, “You People”. When asked about the dating rumors, Nia Long responded with a simple, “Single AF”. This has left many fans wondering what the real story is.

Are Omarion and Nia Long Dating to Spite Apryl Jones?

Omarion has been fairly quiet about the situation, but he has been seen out with Nia Long multiple times. This has raised eyebrows and caused people to speculate that the two have something going on. This doesn’t necessarily mean Omarion is smashing Nia Long, as they could just be friends. They also could just be two single people hooking up for fun.

Some people are convinced that by appearing as a couple Nia Long and Omarion are trying to spite Apryl Jones, who was recently on a dinner date with Taye Diggs. Remember Taye Diggs had beef with Nia Long in the past, and also claimed he would never work with her again a few years ago.

Nia Long is a critically acclaimed actress with a long list of accomplishments. She has been nominated for multiple awards and has won a few of them. She is a mother of two, and was in a relationship with Ime Udoka, a former NBA player. We all know how that romance ended. Omarion is an R&B singer who rose to fame after being part of the boy band B2K. He has since gone on to have a successful solo career. He is also a father of two and was in a relationship with Apryl Jones, the mother of his children.

Is Omarion dating Nia Long to Spite Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs? Dating Rumor Gets Shot Down by Nia Long with Two Words

Nia Long’s response of “Single AF” to the dating rumors has left many people wondering what the real story is, as they aren’t convinced she is being honest. Some believe that the two are actually in a relationship, while others think that they are just friends. As aforementioned it could all be a ploy to get under Apryl Jones and Taye Digg’s skin.

No matter what is going on between Omarion and Nia Long, one thing is for sure: they make a great couple. Both of them are talented and successful in their respective fields. They are also both parents, and have a lot of love and respect for each other.

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