Was a Walmart Salad Dressing Price Scam Exposed? Viral Video May Show Walmart Price Gouging Salad Dressing

These days the drastic inflation in prices of everyday goods since Joe Biden has became president is affecting all sectors of society. Gas is almost $7 a gallon in some places, and the prices of groceries is going up across the board. Now there could be a new problem on the rise as greedy companies are possibly taking advantage of the inflation to increase their profits using sketchy tactics.

Was a Walmart Salad Dressing Price Scam Exposed? Viral Video May Show Walmart Price Gouging Salad Dressing

A viral TikTok video posted by Shawn Connor aka ‘devious_love’ shows a Walmart employee changing $2.24 price tags on salad dressing with $7.88 price tags. If you do the math the price of the Walmart salad dressing increased by $5.64, which is an over 300% change.

Was Walmart caught price gouging salad dressing prices under the veil of inflation? Or could this huge increase really be more Bidenflation taking place?

People on social media defending Walmart’s honor believe that the increase in their salad dressing price has a lot to do with the Ukraine Russia war. Joe Biden’s ban on Russian energy imports has led to major increase in gas prices that were already higher than usual. In theory that could possibly lead to some food prices going up, since the supply chain heavily relies on gas. However, it seems strange that it would lead to Walmart increasing salad dressing prices by over 300%.

Just take a look at this sketchy footage.

Hopefully what’s taking place in that video is not Walmart price gouging salad dressing to exploit the massive inflation going on.

Considering how much money they make it would be real sad if they were praying on consumers at time when the price of gas is so high. However, history tells us that profit is more important than the well being of the average consumer when it comes to major corporations.

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