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How Did Georgia IG Model Doseofcaam Contract Monkeypox? Video Shows Instagram Model’s Monkeypox Infection Causing Giant Blisters On Her Face

Recently a report from CNN stated that an epidemiologist at Brown University said that their research data indicates that monkeypox infections are happening almost exclusively among gay men. In addition the epidemiologist named Jennifer Nuzzo stated that the transmission of the virus is mostly happening during gay intercourse. Information like that led many people to believe that disease is primarily something only people in the LGBTQ community needed to worry about catching. However, as times goes by the demographics of the victims affected by the disease is becoming more diverse. The most recent example is a popular female Instagram model from Georgia.

IG Model Doseofcaam Monkeypox Infection Video Shows Giant Blisters On Her Face

Recently Instagram Model Doseofcaam made an emotional post showing what happened to her face after contracting Monkeypox. As you’ll see in the scary footage below the Instagram model had giant fluid filled blisters all over her face, and also on her tongue. The blisters look similar to when chickenpox wounds bust open, and then start to scab. The painful looking blisters on her face aren’t even the worst of the symptoms monkeypox causes.

According to Dr. Jason Zucker of Columbia University’s Department of Medicine, Monkeypox causes severe rectal pain that increases every time a person uses the bathroom. In addition it also causes severe genital pain when a victim urinates, and severe throat pain when a victim swallows. Doctors say the pain it causes can be completely debilitating, causing a victim to need emergency medical care. However, in most cases monkeypox is non-fatal. Take a look at how IG Model doseofcaam’s monkeypox infection blisters progressed over the course of 12 days.

Day 3 of IG Model Doseofcaam Monkeypox Infection Image credt: IG @doseofcaam

The footage below shows the infection on day 8.

Day 12 of IG Model Doseofcaam Monkeypox Infection Image credt: IG @doseofcaam

How Did Georgia Instagram Model Doseofcaam Contract Monkeypox?

The question of how the Instagram model caught monkeypox could change the stigmas surrounding it. Before doseofcaam’s monkeypox case recent studies conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine on 528 confirmed cases of the infection found that 95% of the victims were gay men who caught the virus after having intercourse with another man. WHO also sent out a message on Twitter stating that the monkeypox outbreak is almost exclusively concentrated among the gay community.

These reports from medical agencies may have misled people to believe they were safe from the virus if they weren’t engaging in gay intercourse. Essentially organizations like WHO unintentionally created a false sense of security amongst most of the world.

The fact that a female Georgia Instagram model contracted monkeypox is more proof that we all need to fear catching this virus, because it doesn’t discriminate. What seems to be understated in the announcements focusing on the LGBTQ community, is that anyone person can catch monkeypox just from skin to skin contact. The way medical organizations have conveyed the situation has misled many people to believe that monkeypox is an STI.

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